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Dashboard Evaluation Project

Description : Influence of mode of visual representation on dashboard evaluations

Partner : Renault, Perception and Sensory Analysis group

Years : 2009-2011

The project’s objective is to investigate what the dashboards characteristics are (height, depth, ....) that are properly evaluated from configurable virtual mock-up, according to the mode of representation

    4 modes of representation were studied:
  • Photo mode: on display
  • Quicktime VR mode: on display with an interaction allowing for viewpoint displacement
  • Wall mode: photo on a screen projection of a 1:1 scale
  • Cave mode: stereoscopic projection on 4 screens taking into account real-time subject point of view (via motion capture system).

Download the project poster

    CRVM contribution:
  • Expertise in behavioral science for the development of experimental design and data interpretation.
  • Infography and software development for the project.
Photo mode

Quicktime VR Mode

CAVE mode