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ICE is ISM proprietary software. This software allows you to create 2D/3D virtual environments, using simple scripts, without specific programming skills.

Developed for non-computer scientists, ICE can quickly produce a variety of experimental protocols, providing visual and auditory content and allows various interactions given its various input devices (mice, joysticks, motion sensors, graphics tablet, data acquisition card, haptic arm ...). Researchers can then "play" various scenarios, in specific or random order. A data acquisition file is created at the end of each script, at a frequency chosen by the experimenter as often as wanted, in which are located the requested data (related to the scene created and subject interactions).

ICE meets OpenGL 3.3 specifications, it uses shaders and allows more experienced users to accurately edit 2D/3D displayed objects in the virtual world created. For total immersion, ICE is also used in the CRVM CAVE and thus perfectly manages stereoscopy and network data distribution for simultaneous use on multiple computers. Programmed in C + + and OpenGL, it currently runs on Windows (a Linux version is planned).

    Specifications :
  • Specifically developped for experimentation
  • Runs on Windows (7, 8, 10) (Linux version in development)
  • Written in C + + and OpengGL 3.3
  • Uses GLSL shaders
  • User-friendly and easy to use graphical interface for non-programmers
  • More than 40 file formats for import (3ds, fbx, obj ...)
  • IceMesh proprietary format and 3DStudioMax scripts to directly export on IceMesh
  • 3D Stereoscopic display (Active/Passive displays, Oculus Rift, CAVE systems ...)
  • 2D/3D sound using FMOD
  • Phisic engine (collisions, friction ...) : PhysX
  • Network Operated
  • Easy organization of various scenarios to play in a series, with automatic re-execution if needed (for instance if the subject didn't fulfill the task)
  • Realtime data saving for each scenario played (subject actions and various parameters from objects populating the scenario played)

For further information about ICE, please contact Cedric Goulon ([javascript protected email address]).

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