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Interception project

Description : Study of the movements of turnaround in the locomotor behavior of interception.

Partner : Institute of Movement Sciences, UMR 7287 CNRS – Aix-Marseille University

Main author :SESSA Gwenaelle


According to the Strategy of Constant Bearing (SCB), locomotor interception of a mobile target is managed by the cancellation of the rate of change (i.e., of the speed) concerning the angle of bearing of the target. The SCB leads the agent to go directly to the future point of interception of the target. However, when a target starts its trajectory on one side of the initial direction of movement of the agent to be intercepted on the other side, the agent would tend to go firstly to the target before changing direction towards the future intersection point, thus performing the movements of turnaround.

Immersed in 3D virtual environment, the participants sitting on the seat of driving simulator advance at constant speed and control their direction of displacement using a steering wheel to intercept moving targets. The targets follow rectilinear trajectories at constant speed, appearing straight ahead the participant ("centered") or at positions more or less eccentric so as to perform interceptions on the opposite side of their initial position.

This project « interception » aims to study the effects of the initial offset of moving target on the behavior of the locomotor interception during a simulated driving task in the CAVE. We assume the agent uses information that is related to the angular velocity and the angular position of the target.

This is an experimental series with 16 participants facing at different conditions of eccentricity of targets to be intercepted.

realite virtuellerealite virtuelle
Driving simulator: a seat, a steering wheel and pedals, placed on the center of the CAVE.
Virtual scene : textured soil, lined by distant mountain. Cylindrical target yellow. The images are generated by the software ICE.