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Motion Capture, Peripheral & Audio

Motion capture

Placed all around the projection system, our motion capture solution device measures all user movements, thus ensuring real-time interaction with a virtual environment. This interactivity is provided by an ART ® tracking system, based on a set of eight cameras. This device allows us to track the position and orientation of the observer’s head in the environment, delivering a coherent perception of the virtual environment.

capture de mouvement
Capture system consists of 8 cameras

In order to meet the most demanding motion capture needs, CRVM also has high frequency VICON ® cameras that can be combined with the ART ® system.

capture de mouvement
High frequency capture system

In addition to the ART ® tracking system, CRVM has virtual reality devices that interact with the virtual environment.

Fingertraking ™, flystick ™ (ART ®)

Other peripheral and audio devices

To complete professional virtual reality devices, CRVM develops original interactions based on general public products.


On the left, a touchpad adapted to virtual reality needs by CRVM, on the right a console controller used by immersive navigators.

CRVM also develops its own input devices based on this research or expressed CAVE ™ user needs.

périphérique personnalisé
Example of prototype device developed at CRVM.

In collaboration with other Institute of Movement Sciences teams, CRVM has a static driving simulator to enrich the sensory feedback of a CAVE ™ driving simulation.

simulateur de conduite
Static driving simulator installed in CAVE

Finally, the facility is equipped with a spatial sound system in 7.1 configuration, to associate a sound dimension to visual immersion.

cave deux utilisateurs
7.1 sound system