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Paragoal project

Description : Study of goalkeeper behavior in direct free kick situations.

Team / Agency :
- Research Team "Control and Learning of Finalized Motion" Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM)
- Research Team "Performance Motricity and Modeling " Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM)

Principal author : Laure Fernandez

Year : 2007

The overall goal of this project is to understand how a soccer goalkeeper organizes him/herself to intercept a free kick shot. The object of study is therefore the subject’s motion in interaction with his/her environment. As a first step, we focus on the perceptual component. The goal is to determine the nature of information collected by a goalkeeper in order to stop a ball during a free kick. We seek to formally define the information collected during the shooter’s movement and ball trajectory. Secondly, we aim to identify how such information is used in controlling the goalkeeper’s interception movement. To answer these questions, the subjects (goalkeepers, players and non-soccer players) execute judgment tasks and intercept balls in a virtual reality setting (CAVE). The shooter is represented by an avatar, which will allow us to manipulate motion information as well as to decorrelate his/her movement with presented ball trajectory. The subject’s immersion in the environment is facilitated by creating a true virtual environment (ie a soccer stadium). The avatar motion presented to subjects comes from film recordings of shots from top-level soccer players.

Reference :

Fernandez, L., Gueguen, N., Montagne, G., Rao, G., Berton, E., & Bootsma, R.J. A VR approach to RR behaviour: goalkeeping in football, Laval Virtual, Laval (France), April18-20 2007.