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St Mitre High School Project

Description : Modeling and projection of a 1:1 scale model of the future St Mitre High School of Marseille

Partners :Vezzoni and Associates, CG13, CRVM

Year : 2010

This project aimed to enable architects in charge of the project to visualize their creation on a 1:1 scale. Another aspect was to allow residents, through their local representatives, to better assess changes to their daily lives (environmental impact). Finally, the project enables future high school "users" to give their opinion on future buildings in a more realistic way than on a 2D plane.

maquette carton
Initial "cardboard" mock-up

Collaboration began between the Vezzoni firm and CRVM to convert 2D architectural drawings into a 3D 1:1 scale model. Once the digital model was made, a meeting was organized between CRVM managers, Vezzoni architects and associates from the Marseille Confederation of Neighborhood Interests and Surrounding Communities.

lycée st mitre
Presentation of the 1:1 scale high school model at the CRVM CAVE