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Virtual Coach Project

Description : home trainer optimization project, based on the regulation of exercise intensity and the formatting and content of information relayed to the subject

Partner : RAXINE company

The purpose of this collaboration agreement with the RAXINE company involves the implementation of improvements to the existing REALAXIOM device relating to the regulation of exercise intensity and the format and content of the information relayed to the subject during the exercise. These improvements are intended to provide a device for developing motivation in physical practice for sedentary subjects.

It is mainly intended to experimentally validate the conditions of use of a virtual environment, increase information and related effort feedback in real-time, to the physical, psychological and physiological state of the participant, using extrinsic reinforcers to develop physical performance, self-esteem, intrinsic pleasure and motivation while riding a training bike.

It is, more specifically, designed to implement the concept of a virtual trainer (virtual coaching), in which information taking into account the current health status of the subject (i.e., current heart rate compared to the maximum heart rate), past performance and behavior are relayed to the subject in the context of physical effort on a computerized ergo cycle.