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Examples of VR applications

The range of possible VR applications is vast and varied. Here are just a few examples of projects carried out recently or currently in development at the CRVM

Industrial applications

- Design studies: these include virtual visits of architectural designs (see video below), and comparative studies of machine interfaces

- Computer Aided Design: the design of architectural structures or control panels  in an interactive 3D environment ( see video)

- Ergonomic validation: checking the ergonomic aspects of an environment or interface by analysing the activity of the user

Research Applications

- Behavioral Sciences: Modelling human behaviour by manipulating sensory information, study of perceptive and sensory-motor systems, investigating biological(e.g. Biomechanical) and psychological (e.g. cognitive) factors in behaviour control(see video)

- Psycho-pharmacological research: Determining the effects of psycho-pharmacological substances on motorists , without putting the subject at risk

Teaching Applications

- Teaching and learning aids: visualisation and virtual exploration of our solar system (see video), virtual reconstruction and visits of ancient architectural sites, demonstration of physics principles and mathematical properties

- Scientific visualisation: 3D representation of the nervous system with  interactive cross-section selection, visualisation of molecules or mechanical structures,  the acceleration of a slow processes, (e.g. growth of plants) and conversely, the deceleration of a rapid process

Therapeutic applications

- Cyber-therapy: treatment of phobias, depression, anxiety

- Motor-therapy through sport: virtual squash (virtual ball and racquet) where the ball speed is matched to the patients’ disability