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CRVM and networks

CRVM is a member of the European VisionAir Infrastructure (FP7-INFRA) and the French Association for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction (AFRV).

VisionAir Infrastructure

CRVM is a member of VisionAir. VisionAir is an acronym for "VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research." VisionAir calls for the creation of a European infrastructure for high-level visualization facilities that are open to research communities across Europe and around the world. By integrating existing facilities, VisionAir aims to create a world-class research infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art research in visualization, thus significantly enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the European Research Area (ERA). With over 20 members across Europe participating, VisionAir offers facilities for Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualization, Ultra High Definition, Augmented Reality and Virtual Services (in particular managing databases).

VisionAir Website


AFRV(the French Association for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction) was created in November 2005. Founded by a dozen researchers and industry executives, this non-profit association intends to unite the French academic and industry communities around virtual reality themes. With a hundred individual memberships, some twenty academic entity memberships and twenty memberships from the business world, AFRV aims to:

  • Promote and facilitate the development of virtual reality, mixed reality and 3D interaction in all their aspects: teaching, research, studies, development and applications
  • Provide a means of communication between people interested in this field Lobby French, European and International institutions for recognition

AFRV Website

CRVM Involvement

CRVM and ISM (Institute of Movement Sciences), an active AFRV member, hosted the AFRV two-day event in Marseille on 25 and 26 October 2007.

CRVM members are part of AFRV. Daniel Mestre, Director of CRVM, is a member of the AFRV Board of Directors.

AFRV Publications

Perrot, V., Dang, T & Mestre, D. VIRTU’ART : VIRTUal interactive mock-up with new Applicative Real Time layers. Actes des 6ème journées de l'AFRV, pp 119-126, Bidart, 10-12 octobre 2011.

Dang, T., Chatelain, C., Pergandi, J.M. & Mestre. D. (2008) A framework for Design and Evaluation of Collaborative Virtual Environments, Actes des 3ème journées de l'AFRV, pp 119-126, Bordeaux, 30-31 octobre 2008.


The research network "Computer Graphics – Virtual Reality" was created by CNRS in 2014. Daniel Mestre (ISM/CRVM) & Pierre Chevaillier (ENIB/CERV) are co-organizers of the workgroup "Perception and Usage of Virtual Reality".

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