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2013/04/02 – Project

Closure of the V.E.R.S.T. project (Visionair Transnational Access)

Helen Miles, currently a Ph.D. student at Bangor University in Wales, was part of the CRVM team for the last 3 weeks. She completed a series of experiments in the framework of the Visionair project. This collaboration, funded by the European Community, aims at understanding whether virtual environment technology can be used for rugby training. This work will lead to publication in the coming weeks.

2013/02/19_20 – Conference (Stuttgart)

CRVM has taken part in the 3rd Visionair General Assembly

CRVM participates in the 3rd Visionair General Assembly, at HLRS/USTUTT in Stuttgart (Germany). Partners met to exchange ideas and to discuss all aspects of the Visionair project during the General Assembly.

2013/02/15 – Press

CRVM in Provence Promotion Newsletter

Provence Promotion, the economic development agency of the Bouches-du-Rhône, was created by the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Conseil Général. In this newsletter Simulation - 3d - Augmented Reality In Provence, Provence Promotion has highlighted CRVM excellence and expertise in Southern France.

2013/07/01 – Project

CRVM shares its experience with VSM

VSM is a medium-sized family business specialized in real-time airplanes and helicopters simulator for civilian and military assets. During a working day held on January 7, CRVM assisted VSM with data distribution technology and with 3D rendering cluster optimization. (french)

2012/12/12 – Conference

The CRVM participates in an ENSAM conference in Chalon sur Saône

CRVM participates in an ENSAM conference in Chalon sur Saône D. Mestre presented CRVM’s work on navigation in large immersive spaces on December 12, 2012 in Chalon sur Saône.

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