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Subjective Vertical Project

Description : Subjective Vertical in an immersive virtual environment

- Army Health Services Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Department of Cognitive Science
- Immersions Team / Institute of Movement Sciences

Principal author: Lionel Bringoux (personal webpage)

Year : 2006

Here, we investigated whether the influence of a tilted visual frame on the perception of the visual vertical can be modified in a virtual immersive environment by the structure of the visual scene and by the adjustment mode allowing visual or visuo-kinesthetic control. The observed influences may result from the dynamic combination between reference frames, which might occur and evolve throughout the subjective vertical adjustment. It is assumed that such effects may also express the level of presence of the physical observer immersed in a virtual environment.

Bringoux, L., Bourdin, C., Lepecq, J.C., Pergandi, J.M., Sandor, P.M.B., Mestre, D. (2009). Interaction between reference frames during subjective vertical estimates in a tilted immersive virtual environment. Perception, 38, 1053-1071. [DOI link]

Bringoux, L., Pergandi, J.M., Bourdin, C., Lepecq, J.C., Sandor, P., Mestre, D. (2007). Verticale Visuelle Subjective en environnement virtuel immersif : effets de la structuration de la scène visuelle et de la modalité d'ajustement. Congrès national de la SFP, Nantes, France.