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General presentation

Visionair is an acronym for "VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research". Visionair called for the creation of a European infrastructure for high level visualisation facilities that were open to research communities across Europe and around the world. By integrating existing facilities, Visionair aimed to create a world-class research infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art research in visualisation, thus significantly enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the European Research Area (ERA). With over 20 members across Europe participating, VISIONAIR offered facilities for Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualisation, Ultra High Definition, Augmented Reality and Virtual Services.


Scientific challenges have concerned issues such as climate evolution, environmental risks, molecular biology, health, and energy. These issues have required the management of increasingly complex and voluminous information, thus calling for the development of ever more powerful visualisation methods and tools. For further information about our deliverables to the European Commission, Newsletters, future/previous events please visit the web site:

VISIONAIR Target groups

The Visionair members proposed to build a common infrastructure that grants researchers from Europe and around the world to access to high level visualisation facilities and resources. Both physical access and virtual services were provided by the infrastructure. Full access to visualization-dedicated software was offered through the Call for Project, while physical access to high level platforms was partially accessible (about 20% of global usage) to other scientists, free of charge, based on the excellence of the project submitted. An alternative root to collaborate with VISIONAIR was to join the Partner Club.