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CRVM was involved in work package 9 : Joint research activities. This work package was concerned with advancing the core methodology to improve the possibility of interaction and collaboration between people through the services to be provided within VISIONAIR. Main research axes were :

  • How we can add interaction capabilities to digital models;
  • How we can improve the possibility of interaction and collaboration on these models;
  • How we can let the distant systems collaborate;
  • How we can propose new methods for new interfaces as holodisplays.

The first point (1) consisted in defining new methods for preparing the virtual scene independently of what it was built. This virtual scene preparation needed more and more focus on digital mock-ups that were the core of development of virtual products. The second point (2) aimed at allowing collaboration on these virtual environments by improving immersion. The third point (3) aimed at building the conditions that allow an effective collaboration by sharing the virtual scene between access points. As we decided, in VISIONAIR, to pay a special attention to holography based activities, we thought that the fourth (4) point should explore the difference and similarities when using such emerging technologies, possibly not limited to holography.

CRVM was involved in four research actions:

  • Integration and evaluation of interaction potential of Handheld Devices into VR systems
  • Annotation capacities for asynchronous collaboration
  • First versus third person perspective for large scale navigation
  • Interactive devices and tangible interfaces