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3D Stereoscopic Visualization System

Projection set-up characteristics

The CRVM visualization system consists of a high-end platform called “CAVE ™”. CAVE ™ consists of four projection screens: frontal, ground and lateral projections. Each frontal and lateral screen has a projection surface of 3 meters wide by 4 meters high. The ground screen is capable of displaying an image of 3 meters by 3. Projected images are composed of 1600x1200 pixels and are displayed at a frequency of 120Hz (active).

cave virtual reality
Schematic view of the projection set-up

Multiple possible projection screen configurations

The two lateral portions (projection screens) are movable relative to the central portion, which allows the system to function in multiple configurations.

configuration cave virtual reality
Multiple possible projection screen configurations

configuration cave réalité virtuelle
(From top to bottom and from left to right) CAVE Closed, Semi-open at 45 °, Plane, Semi-open in "L"

Stereoscopic system

Each projection screen is illuminated by a stereoscopic video projector, using an active technology.

projectors christie
Christie Mirage 14K-M® projector (14000 Lumens@120Hz).